Commercial Pontoon Hire

Commercial Platform & Pontoon Hire

At National Pontoon we have the expertise for pontoon hire and to build a variety of versatile floating platforms for works access on water.

Our team can supply a Modular Pontoon system for any project large or small, from floating walkways to floating work platforms. Pontoon hire is also available for both long-term and short-term hire depending on your project size.

The system is flexible allowing for structures to be constructed around obstacles. Modular Pontoons are lightweight and if necessary can be broken down into single sections and rebuilt on the water.

We can offer floating walkways, floating bridges for vehicle access, floating work platforms and so much more. Highly experienced engineers will design a pontoon to suit your requirements and will work with you from start to completion of your project.

Floating Walkway Pontoon Hire & Work Access

National Pontoon have our own fleet of vehicles to transport your pontoon to any location throughout the UK and Ireland. If vehicle access is limited, the pontoon can be split into sections, carried by hand and re-built on the water, causing no damage to surroundings or sensitive land.


Construction and installation of the Modular Pontoon system requires a skilled team of professionals. Additionally, we work with our clients through all phases of a project. From attending pre-start meetings, providing method statements, installation and demobilisation of the pontoon, we are always on hand.

Pontoon Hire Rates UK

Below are just some of the uses for our pontoons and platforms in a commercial setting. Take a look at our Facebook page for all the latest from National Pontoon.

For all our commercial pontoon hire, we offer exceptional pontoon hire rates and prices throughout the UK. Get a quote for dock, modular and working pontoon hire by calling our team on 01524 740 790 or filling in our contact form.

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