TV & Film Bespoke Floating Set Hire

TV & Film Set Production Hire

We supply a wide variety of floating applications to float your props, sets and filming equipment. However challenging, we do our very best to meet your specifications

At National Pontoon we have the expertise to build a variety of floating structures and floating props for your production delivered to any location worldwide.

Highly Experienced Engineers

Our highly experienced engineers will design a floating platform to any size or shape to suit your requirements and will work with you every step of the way from design to completion.

Understanding The Need For Perfection

Our team fully understand time constraints and the need for perfection within the Television and Film industry, this is reflected in our positive feedback from major production companies we work along side.

We supply a variety of floating applications to float your props, sets and filming equipment.

Working along side your artists, we can dress the modular pontoons to meet your requirements, from cladding with rustic timber to a spectacular floating cat walk.

However challenging, we do our very best to meet you specifications. Bespoke Floating Pontoon Hire from the professionals at National Pontoon.

Hire Our Modular Pontoons For:

  • Floating Camera Platforms
  • Filming Boats
  • Floating Props
  • Floating Film Sets
  • Jetties
  • Temporary Access Pontoons
  • Floating Walkways
  • Cat Walks
  • Floating Structures and Buildings
  • Floating Obstacles and Challenges
Year Guarantee
Of Square Metres Installed
Of Different Applications

"From floating boat docks to floating pontoon and event stage hire and much more... whatever you need to float, we can help!"