Sets - National Pontoon - Floating Sets


If you need to float your filming equipment, props or even full sets, here at National Pontoon we have a variety of applications for the TV & Film industry that make this possible.


bespoke to you

National Pontoon can create bespoke pontoons in any shape, size or arrangement. We then offer endless ways to dress them and build all kinds of structures on them to create the perfect floating film sets. From traditional TV & Film sets right through to bespoke stages for the arts, floating catwalks or even floating cinemas we can provide exactly what you need.


When you supply us with your specific requirements, we will design and manufacture your perfect floating platform. This will enable you to access anything that is on the water, we will then build the pontoon you have specified to use as your floating film set.

In the past we have built sets for TV shows, films and music videos. Our pontoons can be covered with almost any surface, we can even create green screens on the water. TV and film productions which are being filmed on the water using pontoons are becoming more popular, largely due to the ease and simplicity of the systems as well as their huge versatility.