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We are experts in the design and installation of TV & Film pontoons, making it easy for you to film scenes on or in water.

TV & Film Pontoons


Here at National Pontoon, we have many years of experience in the TV & Film industry, our expert team can install specialist, modular bespoke pontoons throughout the United Kingdom as well as anywhere across the world. We have a large portfolio of high profile clients as well as some of the biggest production companies that we have worked with, meaning we are the obvious choice for your next production.


Whether you are filming for a TV series, a blockbuster movie, or if you need a floating stage for the arts, there is nothing that we can’t help with. Each of our floating pontoons will be personalised to your site and constructed to meet your exact needs and requirements, we always aim to provide you with exactly what you require.

TV & Film Pontoons

With you every step of the way

Our team will work alongside your crew from start to finish, we are able to decorate and dress our pontoons to suit your requirements, no matter if you need a spectacular floating cat walk, or if you would like it to be cladded with rustic timber.

we provide
it all

  • Floating Camera Platforms
  • Filming Boats
  • Floating Film Sets
  • Cat Walks
  • Floating Structures & Buildings
  • Floating Props
  • Floating Walkways & Jetties


National Pontoon are fully aware of time constraints and the need for perfection within the TV & Film industry.The positive feedback that we get from the biggest production companies we with reflects this.