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Aqua Dock Pontoons Sales, Supply & Installation

National Pontoon source, supply, sell & install Aqua-Dock Modular Pontoon & Floating Platform Systems throughout the UK.

Aqua Dock pontoons are manufactured from VHMW HDPE (Very High Molecular Weight High Density Polyethylene), to ensure reliability & longevity. They also use Ultra-Violet inhibitors and come with 15 years UV resistance in Southern European environments.

The internal screw connectors which hold the modules safely together are also made from HDPE, other smaller connecting accessories (threaded nuts, connecting pins, and spacers) are made from Nylon 66 (DSM Akulon F223-D) for a durable thread, which increases the overall durability of the interconnected modules.

Aqua Dock UK – Aqua Dock Pontoon Sales.

The aqua dock modular system has been designed and manufactured in the UK by experienced engineers with a background of over 28 years in extrusion and blowmoulding of plastics. Aqua Dock products provide a highly stable, versatile, cost effective and complete solution for an instant build of private and commercial pontoons and platforms.

Pontoon Installations.

National Pontoons modular floating work pontoons are often favoured due to their quick mobilisation times and versatility. Our team has the experience and knowledge to fully install your purchase within one working day making it an ideal option for both commercial and private permanent uses.

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