Leisure - National Pontoon - Pontoon Safety & Handrails


No matter what size or shape of pontoon you need for your special project, we can supply the right system to suit your requirements.

Private & Recreational

Do you want to improve access or create a whole new space? Our floating pontoons could be the ideal solution for you. The Aqua-Dock system is a low maintenance and extremely efficient modular system that will allow you to maximise any space.


Built to last

Manufactured here in the UK we can guarantee the quality of products is consistent and always excels, even in the harshest of conditions. The units are made from a high density polyethylene (HDPE), selected for toughness and durability. The system allows for an infinite variety of shapes and unrivalled load capacity. Aqua-dock is also maintenance free!

Adaptable & reliable

As the Aqua-dock pontoon system is modular it can be changed, extended or modified in time adapting to your current requirements. We have a range of accessories available including handrails, fenders & multiple mooring accessories.